3D Building Scanners – We Create Digital Twins

We digitally scan buildings into digital twins
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About Us

Meet our team of industry professionals

Our Team

Meet Our Scanning Team

James Elliott


Architectural designer photographer. With many years of experience working in the Architecture Industry, combined with a passion and keen eye for design, James has honed his natural talent for architectural photography and composition.

Kurt Hamel

Tech Entrepreneur

Having founded a few different companies over the years, Kurt is the main tech and marketing force at 3D Scanners. Having run an IT company, a digital marketing firm, and helped with other start ups, he helps translate the physical to the digital.

Sean Kennedy

Construction Managment Expert

For over 5 years Sean has overseen a team of workers in the field of construction manufacturing and waste management. I am responsible for the oversight of numerous projects across the country with strict timelines. Understanding the variability in working with different manufacturers, teams, and municipalities I recognize the need for having accurate and reliable information in a timely fashion.


Our team members will show up on time and are friendly and easy to work with. We are here to help you, and we pride ourselves in our work.


We are committed to the highest quality scans in the business. If you are not satisfied with your quality of the scan, we will come re-scan the building at no additional cost (this hasn't happened yet though!)

Our Values

Unparalleled Accuracy


We use the newest, high end equipment for our scanning, mainly the brand new high end Matterport Pro 3 3D Camera


As a team we pride ourselves to helping our quiets as quick as possible and we WILL be there when we say we will


With a quick turnaround, we can have projects done within two days and ready for you to get to work

About Us

We Make High-Quality 3D Digital Scans for Buildings - AKA "Digital Twins"

Digital Twins are a cutting-edge technology in the field of engineering and architecture that involves creating virtual replicas of physical buildings, structures, or systems. A digital twin is a complete digital representation of a real-world asset, capturing its geometry, materials, functionality, and behavior. It simulates the physical asset’s characteristics, performance, and interactions with its environment in a virtual space.

With both IT experts and Architects on our team, we know how to quickly and professionally get your scans done in the correct formats with high accuracy.

We have been scanning buildings since 2021, mostly in the Midwest. This year in 2023 we have broadened our service area to the entire contiguous US and most of Canada.

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We Are Professional and Committed to Service

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